Saturday, November 8, 2008

Overdue Packages

As you can see from the photo, Connor and I have been working overtime to get some packages together.

Two of the packages are for trades completed the last few weeks. One for Jeremy L. (Zips) and one for Scott (Hand Collated). I'm still working on pulling some cards for Matt (Heartbreaking Cards...) and one for David P. (David P.) I also have a check to mail to Rob.

If I didn't mention you in this list and I owe you for a trade, I apologize profusely, but I've somehow lost track of it. Please shoot me an email. I just need to know "who" I'm missing a trade with, if anyone. I will have the info buried in my email and will get a return package out ASAP.

It's been a rough couple of weeks financially and so I haven't been able to uphold my end of the trades as efficiently as I would like. I've had the cards pulled on most all of my trades for weeks I just haven't had the extra to do the shipping. Honestly, I don't think that I have it for the ten packages you see in the photo. But, some of these are long overdue and will go out tomorrow regardless.

Especially, the other 8 packages...

Connor and I spent the better part of two hours this morning working on "school work"...aka, "Thank You" Letters for all of the packages received for his birthday. We pulled some cards from his personal collection of teams and players collected by the people who sent gifts. (I added in some of my own to make them We sat down and Connor wrote out 8 thank you letters to everyone that participated and then we attached some stickers of the person's favorite team to each letter.

Dave, sorry, but we didn't have any Rays stickers. Most all of what he had was older stuff. So, we went with second best and put some old Yankee's stuff on your letter. I think you'll be pleased.

And to Lucy, Connor drew you picture and I wrote out beside it what he drew for you. Yesterday, we visited the Natural Science Museum and Connor was amazed by the "gator tank". I think you'll enjoy it as well!

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the packages we sent as much as Connor and I enjoyed the gifts he received. Thanks again everyone!

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