Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pay It Backward(er) - Round 2

The first round of "Pay It Backward" went VERY well.

Thanks to David at TribeCards, I was able to turn this...

a great 1960 Topps managers card into this...

a 1933 Goudey Luke Sewell!!

This is the part where I try to knock this contest as a bad idea. Why?

I do not want to part ways with this card. Ever.

But, in the spirit of the contest, I must (as David reminded me in the package he sent over), "Pay It Backward." Hence this reluctant post.

For those just tuning in and more so for those with a short attention span, the contest works as follows.

In the first round, I posted that I would trade the 1960 Topps card, my oldest owned card at the time for an older card. The trade would be of my choosing from anyone offering a card older than the 1960 Topps Card.

While there were some really good offers, most notably one for an 1887 original AG card (non sport) David's Goudey was the most attractive trade. To the person (dayf, I think) with the 1887 AG card, I'm very interested in trading for it if you're still offering. Just not for this contest, as I'm trying to insure that I keep "trading backwards" for a Baseball issue.

For round 2, the rules stay the same. I now own the 1933 Goudey Sewell, which is in great condition for a card created 75 years ago, and am (reluctantly) willing to trade it for a card of older origins.

The card can be any card produced prior to 1933 as long as it's Baseball. I will make the trade based on personal preference (if there are multiple offers) and the determination of which trade will further the contest. I will declare the winner of the trade NLT December 1.

In the off chance that no one is willing to trade further back than this 1933 Goudey (which I can't see why you would want this card...snicker, snicker) I have another 60's issued Topps card that I will offer on December 1st.

Pretty simple. Just leave a comment if you are interested in furthering this project and in picking up a great 1933 Goudey Luke Sewell!

And, to David, I'll be shipping the card out first thing Monday morning. Thanks for a great trade!!

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--David said...

You're welcome! I originally picked it up, not realizing Sewell was not in an Indians uniform on it until I actually had the card in-hand. When I saw your "PIB," I knew it would go to a good cause. :-)

LOL, my code is BUTIOU (But, I owe you)... That's funny!