Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Playin' Catch...............(up)

I hate falling behind in anything. It's not my nature. If something is supposed to be complete today, I like to be finished the least.

Last week my wife came down with a nasty little bug that kept her in the bed, miserable and coughing, for a few days. I prayed I wouldn't get it but jinxed myself by saying, "You watch...I'll be fine on my days off while you're sick, but as soon as it comes time to head back to work on Saturday, I'll catch it."

I am officially psychic...

On top of the fact that I feel like I've been hit by a Peterbilt, it's also that time of the year that my store's annual budget has to be submitted. This is my first year to have to "fly solo" on it and I've only seen it completed once in the past.

Needless to say, I wasn't lost in the subject matter as I knew what I was looking at, I was simply overwhelmed with the level of concentration and attention to detail necessary to accomplish the feat. Considering the flu like symptoms, I could barely see straight. My thinking was even "crookeder".

But, sick or not, I completed the task a day early. The last two days I've gone to work at 8 am and then from there I've driven to Cups, my answer to Starbucks, and worked on my laptop until they kicked me out and locked the doors. After leaving there both nights at 9 pm, I've gone elsewhere and worked on it until after midnight.

Therefore, as Candlebox so eloquently put it in the One Hit that made them a Wonder..."You've left me far behind." I now have 20 card related emails, 30 personal emails, and 415 posts (Google Reader) to catch up on.

TRADERS - If you're waiting on word back on ANYTHING from me via email, rest assured I'll get to it by the end of the week.

HAVEWANT - I have multiple site submissions and corrections that need to be updated.

CARDBOARD CONNECTION - I promise, Mike, I've got a great new post in the works for you.

JOHN G - I will be getting the return link up for Connor's post ASAP.

EVERYBODY ELSE - I'm getting there.

If you've considered taking a week off from blogging or trading to spend some quality time with a significant other / child / work / cards / beer buddies / etc, please do so now. I would greatly appreciate it! hahahaha...

I just grabbed a fork and I'll be eating this elephant one bite at a time. I'll get caught up, trust me.


Dave said...

Candlebox actually had two hits - "Far Behind" and "You".

jv said...

I stand corrected.

Wax Heaven said...

Please define "hit". Maybe a Rock hit but nothing mainstream.

'Far Behind' made it to #18 in the Hot 100 and 'You' made it to #78.

Candlebox = one semi-hit wonders

jv said...

My correction stands corrected.

Wax Heaven said...

Not you, Dave.

Dave said...

A "hit" for a mid-90s alternative rock band would be defined as a song that received a lot of airplay on the radio (specifically on "The Nerve" 95.1 FM in Rochester, NY) when I was in high school. By that definition, both songs qualify!

jv said... my corrector stands corrected?

I'm getting

Wax Heaven said...

Third Eye Blind RULZ!

Anonymous said...

I hate grunge as a general rule, but Candlebox is pretty awesome. "You" was a great song (far better than "Far Behind"). They are actually back together and working on a new album if I understand correctly.