Friday, November 21, 2008

What is HaveWant and Why Should You Care?

I'll be sending this post out as an email to many of the blogs that I'm aware of over the next few days. I apologize if this is overkill on the subject. I just don't think that I've been very effective at explaining this site and how it will benefit everyone. I've reworded it make it fit as it's own separate post.

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I wanted to take a quick second to post about the new blog I've created. It's called HaveWant and it's dedicated to the aspect of trading within the blogging community. I've included some links to show you the basic site setup and, if you will allow me, I wanted to go over some of the basic functionality of how this can bring traffic to your have/want lists for trading. But, more importantly, how this could possibly bring more traffic to your site.

Before we begin, let me answer some questions that will hopefully keep you reading this:

Do I have to update my own stuff?
No. You simply follow the instructions at the bottom of the post and I'll do the rest.

Do I have to have trade pages on my blog?
No. It definitely helps if you do but it's not necessary. You can supply me with the information on what/who/when/how you collect and I'll do the rest. If you only collect Steve Avery and have no trade lists whatsoever, you can still benefit from using HaveWant.

Does it cost anything? Heck no! It's completely free and I do all the work. After you send me the form, the only work you'll ever do is keeping your want lists updated on your blog and sending me any new page links you create and want to feature.

Will this put you, jv, on the Fortune 500 list anytime soon? Here's to hoping, but no. I do not make any money for doing this. I do not expect free stuff from users or anything like that. Monetary contributions would be great and would be recycled into buying future stuff to bust on TNB but are in no way, shape, or form requested. There may be a donation button to PayPal in the future and there may be ads from time to time but I'm not doing this for gain of any sort. I'm doing this to better serve our collective purposes in trading.

First and foremost, HaveWant is not something that you will ever have to worry about physically updating. And, it does not require you to "change" anything about how you have trade lists setup. All I need are links to those pages. After you've looked around the site, take a look at the form I've attached. This is literally all I need to get your blog and your lists on the site. It takes, at the very most, 5 minutes to fill out and send back to me.

Here's how the site works:

1. Users - On this page you'll find a link to all users at HaveWant. By clicking on any users links, you'll be taken to a page where you can see what each user collects. This is where you'll find the links to their blog, a "mailto" contact link, links to any trade pages the user has on their site, a list of what/who they collect, and finally a list of links to any contests that user is sponsoring on their site. Your email address is buried in the mailto link and is not displayed otherwise. Your mailing address is also not requested or wanted.

2. Players - Here you'll notice a list of players. Each name is a link to a page with card scan of the player (submitted by users) and a list of user page links to all users that collect that player.

3. Teams - The Teams page works in the same way as the Players page. However, it's my favorite part of the site simply for the time I invested in building it. If you do nothing else, if you don't reply to this email, if you don't click any of the other links, if you don't decide to join, please at least take a look at this page. I'm pretty proud of it...haha... Sorry, shameless plugging is over now.

4. Contests - Eventually, I'm going to build a page that houses all of the contests currently running and in chronological order.

That's it! That's how the site works. The most common question I've encountered has been simply, "Why?" Why are you doing this, why will this help me, why should I care? Why, why, why?

There are people out there who collect every imaginable player on the planet, every single team is represented somewhere in the blogging world, and every possible "type" of cards or sets. Let's say for instance you're sitting on 50 Omar Vizquels or Randy Johnsons or even Steve Olins. This site allows you to find people who want them. Have a box full of old Expos you could care less about? Click the Expos link and see who collects them. Chances are they'll be willling to trade out all of their Rays, or Red Sox, or Indians for those cards. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you're site already catches some nice traffic, I won't lie, HaveWant may not bring much traffic to your site. You're probably already getting most of it anyway. But, this will bring traffic from the more established sites to your site if you're struggling to build a reader base. If there is anything I've learned since I came on as a blogger in our community, it's that we take care of each other. We look out for each other and we try our best to help each other out. This WILL bring traffic to lesser known, less established blogs.

But, yet and still, it will bring traffic to your trade lists, regardless of your readership. Rather than hoping someone will stumble across your blog and then take the time to look at your want lists, you will have the benefit of having other people looking specifically for stuff to unload. They'll find you based on what they're looking to get rid of. The site will bring these people to you and do the work for you.

What do you have to do to join? Simple!

1. Fill out the attached form (request via email) and send it back to me.
2. Send me an image file of your blog's logo (if you need help with this, just let me know and I'll do a screen capture for you.) Size, format, none of that matters. I can work with whatever you send me.
3. Keep your trade lists updated on your site as you see fit.
4. Email me anytime you have a new link to a trade page or contest.

That's it! No more, no less. The bottom line is that this is a free link hosting blog that will bring residual traffic to both your blog and your trading. It's a no brainer and requires almost 0% work on your part after you've emailed me the form and your blog logo image. I will do the rest.

Why am I hawking this? It's not for ad revenue because I make none. I've made $1.27 on clickthrough links on Adsense in 6 months of blogging at Treasure Never Buried and I don't even know how to access it. There will be ads in the future but I'm not concerned with trying to make money off of this. I'm doing it simply because I feel it will accentuate the most interactive part of what we do. Our trades!!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I hope you enjoy using the site and I hope that you will seriously consider allowing me to bring you on as a user.

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