Sunday, January 18, 2009


I don't know why I continue to constantly use the word "dupe" rather than "duplicate". I understand the texting generation and my role in it. I get the "lol"s and the "brb"s but come on... it really that much easier to forgo "licate" in favor or "e". There is efficient and then there's just lazy. I think I've been lazy.

That being said, Brad from Rickey Henderson Collectibles managed to send me a Lofton/Manny package that contained all original cards for my collection. Not only did I not own these cards, I had never seen some of the sets they came from. I call that a win-win!

I find it ironic that I received a Lofton package from a Henderson Collector. While I was never a true Rickey Henderson fan, I always loved watching him play when I was a kid and I always felt that Lofton would one day send Henderson's memory and records hurtling into the null void.

Look at the two now, and you'll see I was wrong. Thanks, Brad! I'll be working on a return package very soon...

ps Congrats on Rickey's HOF induction! Well deserved.


ManOfSteal said...

Glad they were cards that you could use! I was surprised at the variety of Manny and Lofton cards that I had, once I actually started seeking them out.

sacbunt said...

Rickey is still the most underrated baseball player ever; 2nd on that list? Mark Grace.