Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Still Standing...

...Just maybe not "Better Than I've Ever Been."

The "Stop Smoking" Campaign has been a 100% success thus far and I can't imagine why I would go back to smoking. It's too easy to start, too hard to stop. I've had one cigarette since December 27. I think I hate the medicine more than I hate not being able to smoke.

Part of that success has been that I have had to get away from other habits that put me in a position to smoke. My biggest vice was to sit on the front porch and pound away at the QWERTY row while smoking pack after pack. This is the first time since I've quit that I've brought my laptop outside to work. I keep staring at the ash tray the way Farley stared at Chocolate Cake.

But, the change in smoker's status hasn't been the only thing that's tripped me up lately when it comes to maintaining this blog. It's been mostly about my job. Anyone who's read this blog for any amount of time knows that I spend quite a bit of my energy complaining about the never ending requirements of running a restaurant.

Hopefully, I will have that situation fixed soon as well.

I'm going sometime in the very near future to speak to a good friend about a position in his new company, working behind the scenes in the technical department. While, I have no idea just yet what this position entails, I do know that it has nothing to do with herding 18 year olds around a restaurant all day. I know that it doesn't involve constant phone calls on my personal cellphone at all hours of the night. And, I know that it won't have me in a position to be constantly and consistently badgered for the mistakes of my subordinates.

Hopefully, I won't have any "subordinates" for awhile. That is, if the job is worth taking.

I've also spent a good deal of time at night reading a new novel I picked up the other day, "The Sawtelle Dogs." I've been at it for a little over a week and still have the greater portion of it to go. I plan to get back to reading more than I have the past few years and watching less of the screens, tv and internet alike.

And, finally, in the afternoons that I've had off, I've been buried in boxes and boxes of commons. I've completely overhauled my entire collection's organization. And, most importantly, I've pulled out the sets that I intend to go back and finish. 1998 Upper Deck and 1991 Score come to mind, but, there are a few contemporary sets as well.

Sooooo, all that being said, I have no intentions of ending this blog and I've not been gone for lack of material or inspiration. I'm simply at a spot in my life where I need to reset my self and figure out where I want to go, what I need to do.

I'm sure I'll be back to normal soon enough!

(If you're waiting for a reply to an email, that's coming as well. Thanks to everyone that has checked in over the last few weeks. I'll get back to you guys and gals soon.)


FanOfReds said...

Good to hear from you! Good luck kicking the habit!

tastelikedirt said...

Yes, I had a lot of friends and family members try to quit smoking over the years...and only one or two have succeded. So I know it's possible and I know it's damn hard. So good luck and hang in there.