Thursday, January 15, 2009

TNB and Wax Heaven Team Up

Yeah, you read that right...

A few months ago (shortly before unprofessionally attacking WaxHeaven over what I thought to be a act of malicious intent) I offered to help Mario with the Sports Cards Blog Directory. I had just recently figured out how RSS worked and had plugged every card blog on the directory into my Google Reader account.

Over time I developed a method that allowed me to easily determine which blogs weren't updating often. I approached Mario with this and offered to assist in helping him to keep "dead" blogs off the list. This went well for about a month and then...

I flipped out and went after a guy that has done more to keep the hobby floating over the last two years than any single person on the planet. Once again, I apologize for being me...

Needless to say, Mario and I didn't talk for awhile and when it came to updating the directory, he didn't ask for help and I didn't offer.

I must say that I was very surprised to find an email this past Sunday morning asking if I would be interested in taking over the directory. And, in all honesty, I'm honored that Mario considered me at all in light of our past.

I don't suppose this makes us BFF now or any other type of whatever it is that gets a guy like AngryChris off, but it is a step in the right direction.

I think 2009 WILL BE the year of the blogger in the hobby. The last thing we need is animosity within our ranks. There's enough backstabbing and deceit going on elsewhere.

As usual, I'm turning a unnecessarily long rant into an unnecessarily long post.

Short story long, I'll be overseeing the Sports Card Blog Directory. I do not intend to delete or modify anything as it stands now. I do have some ideas for additions in the future but they're minor and intended only to further showcase future blogs that will be added. And, with most things, they have the potential for never happening.

I will post an update on the site very soon explaining the methods used in and the criteria of maintaining a listing.

And, obviously, this time I'll talk to Mario before making any decisions.

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--David said...

Isn't that what building friendships is all about? We get along, we get on each other's nerves, then we learn, forgive, and grow. Over time, we enjoy the things we agree with and respect things we don't. In the end, true friends will remain so, no matter what comes along in life.