Saturday, March 7, 2009

eBayMacJobCollegeTBall2 - The List Decreases

I did manage to knock two things off the list.

Vacation - 6/7ths of a check mark - 1 day left before I hit the trail again.

DogLove - 1/2 of a check mark - I got a dog. However, Yoga, my other dog, doesn't love her yet.

I introduce the newest addition to the Voyles' household. Sadie, a Dachshund/Yorkie mix, or a Dorkie, for short. She's 7 weeks old (January 10) and so far is extremely energetic. Yoga hates her. She's an annoying little punk that has him terrified.

We're already looking into buying all of the Dog Whisperer DVD sets soon and we're burning Google's servers up looking for answers on how to help them adjust. It's frustrating for both dogs because Sadie is used to having bigger dogs around and she wants to play with Yoga and then cuddle up and sleep beside him. And it's frustrating for him because he just wants her to go away.

He hasn't shown her any affection, attention or concern since she got here yet she still looks for him constantly. If he goes outside without her, she cries at the door for him. He looks for her constantly as well but only to make sure he knows where she is if he needs to run away.

Neither dog is wrong, but we're working to get the two worlds to collide. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

As far as the other stuff...

Job - Hopefully this'll be off the list after my 2nd interview sometime next week...

Mac - Imagine that...I've got to "convince" my wife to let me buy her a computer. I've got a great

College - I can't do anything until August when the new GI Bill takes effect

T-Ball Season 2 - We find out our team this week and start practice.

I've got some card posts coming soon too, I just have to find time to get back into my collection. I have some scans from an '08 Chrome break a few weeks ago that I'm dying to get on here. I don't have a video, but it was a great box.

Anyway, thanks for reading, guys and gals!

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Anonymous said...

That dog is adorable.

When we brought a puppy in with an older dog, it went much like this. Our older dog ignored hhim for a while - they weren't fighting or anything, it just took them a while to sort out their roles. I'm sure your dogs will work things out amongst themselves - as long as they aren't fighting or hurting each other, I think things just kind of have to shake themselves out.