Saturday, April 4, 2009

Him. Me. You.

I mentioned in a post a few months back that I know how TNB will end. The first chapter was a chronicle of bringing my son into the hobby. Honestly, this hasn't been considered a success in the truest sense. I think that over the next few years this will become a much easier task. But, for now he has Ben 10 and Transformers and Nintendo Wii/Gameboy Advance that eat up his time. Pictures of grown men from a sport that he doesn't fully understand or enjoy yet find no precedence.

I kinda feel the same way. With FaceBook and Stumbleupon and Comcast Cable, how can cards compete anymore?

The second chapter of TNB is Me. During the first few weeks of the posts drought at Treasure Never Buried I was working furiously to update my want lists. This second phase was to be an attempt to unload some stuff I didn't want in exchange for some stuff that I did. While I have my checklists updated, My Collections on Beckett updated, and a few new (old) sets on the queue I've yet to filter this over to the blog. Now, I've lost a great deal of the reader following that I used to have which would have proven fruitful in getting some trades going.

Not to mention that during this time I've pretty much lost my fervor for collecting.

I've yet to buy a single 2009 Baseball product, other than one blaster of 2009 Topps American Heritage. It's not that the recession has put a halt to it, it's that I see the posts written over the last 6 months that contain the same cards we were scanning and posting a year ago with only a slightly different border.

With controversy surrounding Razorgate, Topps inability to take new (or good) player photos, and now Upper Deck's decision to drop the best sets and retread last year's crap I find it to be an uphill battle for me to care anymore.

Unless something drastic happens within the hobby, I don't see myself buying anything other 2009 A&G this year. Why pay $20 bucks a blaster or $100+/- for a hobby box of the same pictures? Where's the sense in that?

For me there is none. And in that vein of thinking, it's pointless for me to purchase 2009 products (as of right now). And without purchasing new product, or even slightly caring to investigate it, what is there for me to blog about?

So, here I am again. In this cold and desolate place where I feel as if I'm cheating on someone that I care about. Every Wii game I've bought could have been a hobby box or two. Every month my new NetFlix invoice comes in the mail I think, "I could have gotten another blaster from Wal-Mart."

One unexpected side effect of the Me chapter is that I've discovered a newfound love of the game itself. This is something that has been lacking in my posts over the last year. I find myself drawn to Sporting Goods stores, looking at gloves and $400 DeMarini bats and backstop hitting nets. I find myself more excited about the prospect of this Baseball season than ever before.

Who knows, maybe this will spark a change in direction for TNB. Maybe it won't end, but rather morph into something else.

With the prospect of being the creepy old fat guy in your kid's college class this fall, I anticipate that my time (and possibly my finances) will make it even harder to collect, if in fact I care to at that point. Over the next few weeks I'll begin uploading and updating my wantlists at TNB. Sometime around the 1 year anniversary of Treasure Never Buried, I'll transition into Chapter 3. You.

What I can't trade away, I'll start sending out as Team/Player packages to some of you that have been with me from the start. And, my eBay auctions will increase as well.

TNB began with a simple essay, a one time effort at articulating where I was at that time and ultimately, unbeknownst to me then, where I would be now.

The hobby is convoluted mess. A tradition ran by those who only want your dollar. My favorite quote is, "You are not who you think you are, you are who everyone else thinks you are." I understand the business aspect of card manufacturing entirely, but I think the companies need an overhaul of their intentions. If the powers that be continue on this path, the hobby as we know it will die. Not that I think it will ever go away, but those in power will effectively write their own demise.

Who knows, maybe I'll still be around to see it. But, I'm not holding my breath.

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FanOfReds said...

Best of luck - and while it's true that there are a lot of problems in the hobby, there are also some wonderful things going on (such as the newest Topps base set, finally something decent in a Topps base for the first time in years). I agree on the A&G comment though, that's my most highly anticipated set going forward into 2009.

Sorry to hear the blog is presumably on the way out, but as someone who often posts about things other than cards, I would encourage you to do the same! It doesn't have to be only baseball cards on a blog - and if people don't want to read about your topic of the day, they don't have to!