Tuesday, October 30, 2018

#306 - Some Kind of Frankenstein

   The one and only time I'd ever heard this song (outside of the 500 times I've listened to it on my iPhone since I bought it) was in an episode of this excellent NBC show, Chuck...

   This song feels like something that Lennon or McCartney could have penned.  The "Eleanor Rigby" vibes only serve to cement that feeling.  Or, maybe they cause it?  Not sure.

   It's always interesting to me when a modern song can evoke that sense of nostalgia.  You listen to it and you know that the guy who wrote it probably had a smartphone in his pocket.  Maybe he penned it in one afternoon at a coffee shop in the French Quarter as a caravan of electric and hybrid cars rolled by.  Maybe he was wearing a Ray LaMontagne tshirt and vaping.

  Or maybe it was written under a tree in Golden Gate Park in 1968.  Maybe there was a caravan of hippies strolling by, dazed out of their minds.  Maybe the writer was wearing a handmade tie-dye t-shirt that he'd traded a pack of cigarrettes for.

   With this one...I'd believe either scenario...

A Girl, A Boy, and a Graveyard (2010)
Reluctant Graveyard (EP
Jeremy Messersmith
A Lyrics, A Snippet, and a Couple of Ads

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