Monday, November 17, 2008

Building Our 1990 Topps Set - The End

I've never in my life completed a single set by hand. I've owned many sets both by personal purchases and those received as gifts, but I've never known the joy and/or frustration of building an entire set from the ground up.

I'm proud to announce that this is no longer the case. Today I received another trade package in the mail that gave the last few remaining cards I needed to complete Connor's 1990 Topps set!

The most important card of the entire deal, however, is this one...

It's a bad scan I know and it's not a 1990 Topps card. It is a 2008 Bowman Auto of Indian's prospect, Beau Mills.

This card is in one of the five packages I'm mailing out this morning in return for recent trades. The person receiving this card is obviously an Indian's fan and is the person who "completed" this set for me. I'll leave it at that since the person that will be receiving this card has no idea that it's coming.

I wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone that's contacted me concerning trading. I would have loved to have sent an auto to everyone that traded me some 1990 Topps, but it was simply impossible.

I've had this in mind for quite some time and had no idea who would be the the person to complete the set but I didn't want to tie the trades to a contest of any sort. I didn't want there to be a "goal" in unloading your old 1990 Topps.

Thank you to everyone that sent cards, whether as trades or as gifts. I hope I haven't let anyone down with the return packages.

Dave made the comment the other day after I posted my 200th post saying that it seems like just yesterday he was reading the first ever post. I would have to say I wholeheartedly agree.

Treasure Never Buried began with the end of an essay...

"...I do know however, a 4 year old t-ball star sleeping soundly in his bed right now that is going to help me put together a hand collated set of ragged 1990 Topps sometime in the near future. I won’t have to market anything. I won’t have a strategy for convincing him of how fun it can be. I do have faith that he’ll understand the enthusiasm and the magic in my eyes. I trust that my son will hear the faint whisper of a hobby tradition long gone."
Chapter 1 is complete. I could quit now and would have attained everything that I set out to do. I have found comfort in the accomplishments of a job well done.


Then there wouldn't be a Chapter 2 would there?

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