Sunday, September 7, 2008

One More Frickin' Politikin' Post

TNB will be laced with political awareness for a few months. I can't see any other way to be at this time in our country's history. This is not a call to arms for any candidate. I'm not advocating any candidate. I'm not quoting any facts unless otherwise stated. This is just my observation.

I respect the bloggers who stay "card specific". I appreciate those guys but I'll be honest, I'm finding that I don't have as much to say as they do on the subject. 75% of my intended posts are about the hobby. But the other 25% have to be shared to show the full 100% spectrum of who I am. Some may like that. Some may not.

I feel that we as a country stand precariously perched at the edge of a long fall down the side of a mountain. This election is not about Democrat, Republican, or Independent. This election is about the possible continuation of our country as we know it.

We're in a war that could last forever, tied to an energy crisis like never before, while living in a country not living up to it's name. America stands 50/50 on everything. We have many united fronts, but we are divided as a whole.

I personally don't know what we need. I don't know how to fix the problems we face. I'm not a politician and have no desire ever to be. The pessimistic little jv on my left shoulder says the problems can't be fixed at all. He just told me that we're doomed. I hope he's wrong but I can't find the optimistic little jv that used to sit on my right shoulder. I wonder where he went?

I can understand the decisions made by the parties involving their choice for candidates. The majority of the Republican party, I feel, wants this war to end, just not as quickly as the Democrats do. They wanted a strong minded leader with quantifiable ideas and a proven track record for change. Someone that will persevere until this war has ended. Victory is the only foreseeable option for John McCain.

As a man with military experience and two deployments, I can honestly say that I am wholeheartedly against this war. But, I'm not against getting out the right way. On a personal note, no Democrat other than Hillary had a better idea for withdrawal. But those days are over now. Hillary is no more.

I can understand their choice for Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Granted, I don't believe everything she says in the same way I don't believe everything any of them say. I still like her. McCain held true to his political agenda and view by choosing her. No one is closer to the type of person that he is, than Palin.

I can understand the reasons Barack Obama has made it as far as he has. You think the Democrats are worried about one 4 year election? Come on. Whether he's elected or not, they're "buying" the votes for the next 40 to 50 years. How many 40+ Americans are undecided? I agree, not many. How many people under 40 are undecided? See my point.

Yes, the man is an outstandingly eloquent speaker with an optimistic and concerned approach to the Country's well being. No, he has literally no creditable executive experience. Yes, our generation doesn't care anymore about experience. They only want change. Maybe we're all idiots for being so gung ho for change that we overlook things that should be there. It doesn't matter. Our current system doesn't work and we want someone to fix it.

Otherwise, explain why John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Edwards, Fred Thompson, and Rudy Guilliani weren't as popular with the younger generation as Obama and Ron Paul were. We don't necessarily know how to fix it but we know it's broken.

Biden...ok...I'll admit. I don't understand that one. Yes, he has comparable experience to McCain but I think there were more suitable running mates in the Democratic party. I'll never fully understand this one. Did the top names say, "no" to an Obama ticket? We may never know.

Something has got to give or our children might not live in the same country as we do in 100 years. We are naive to think that our Constitution will continue to stand the test of time. We are gullible to think that our infrastructure can't crumble, that a mild recession now can't possibly turn into a Great Depression part II tomorrow. We are wrong to assume that it will just get better.

Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that this election holds more precedence than any other we've seen in our lifetime.

It doesn't matter if the "warmonger" or the "toddler" wins... Regardless, one of these guys will lead us into the future.

Who will you follow?

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