Friday, June 20, 2008

My Blog Hasn’t Learned to Walk Yet…Just Give it Time…

Treasure Never Buried is officially one month old/new! I am amazed at how much the site has grown in it’s first month. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am to everyone that has visited the site. Even those that have “stumbled upon” my site, “googled” to get here, or unwittingly clicked a tag somewhere in WordPress. Regardless of how you got here, I’m glad you came. I hope that I’ve captivated your attention enough to keep you coming back. If you like TNB, please pass the word along to anyone you know that might enjoy the blog!

When I say one month, I’m considering that this blog was created four weeks ago tonight. Eventually, a “month” will be literally that. I’ll consider June 30th the end of the first full month. The last few days of May will be considered my “training wheels” phase. But for now, if you would allow me, I would like to bask in what I consider one of the greatest accomplishments of my life to this point.

To celebrate, I would like to relay a brief history of the blog for anyone interested.


TNB was created on May 22nd after the comments of Mario Alejandro of WaxHeaven regarding an essay that I wrote for Sports Card Fun. My First post, Here I Am, Rock Me Like a Hurricane, was created on May 22nd. It was soon followed by a brief long post, titled Why I Left, and Why I’m Back, detailing my life in the hobby so far. To date, I have written 25 posts total. This will be the 26th.

As of tonight at 11:45 pm, TNB has had 2,272 visitors. I have no idea what’s considered “successful” or “popular” in this genre. For all I know, everyone could be laughing at the red head (I prefer Strawberry Blond, it’s sexier) thinking he’s doing some good with 2,000+ hits in the first month. For me, it’s alot and I’m truly grateful!

The Top Posts have been 300 Hits!!,Who Am I?, and The Voice of The Collector while the most active have been The Voice of The Collector, Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Part 2, and Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Part 1. Take Me Out To The Ballgame - Part 2 will always be favorite and I’ll probably never find a way to top it. I think this will stand as my crowning achievement. I still cannot read it without tears in my eyes at the end.

TNB’s greatest day occurred on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 when 212 visitors made their way to the site. This was mostly due to this post at WaxHeaven on May 27.

So far, the readers (that’s you, stand up and take a bow) have left a total of 85 comments. Special Thanks to Dave, the author of a great new blog at Fielders’ Choice who has left almost 1 comment per post since I started this blog.


Another Drink of water. Knowing I should be in bed considering I have to be at work in a few hours. Enjoying the randomness of Pandora. Itching to bust my new box of 1990 Topps.


I’ve spent so much time writing my own blog that I’ve neglected to read many of yours. That ends tonight. Effective tomorrow, I will figure out exactly how RSS works and I’ll get feeds to stay current with each of your blogs. This includes pretty much anyone in my “Grand Slams”. If you’re not there, it’s not because I think you’re doing something wrong. It’s just that I haven’t got around to reading. If you have a blog that you want me to check out, please email or post and let me know. I haven’t found a single sports card blog yet that I don’t like.

I plan to work on some new features that will eventually become monthly, weekly, or possibly even daily sets. One such idea is a “Forgotten Set of the Month” feature. I know this is a retread and many of you have something similar. I hope to bring something innovative and new to the idea.

The “Building our 1990 Topps Set” feature will continue. I’m working tirelessly to insure that it’s flawless. I’m a perfectionist so this may be difficult. I won’t spoil it by outlining how the future posts will be structured but to suffice it to say that the above mentioned ‘90 Topps Wax Box will be a good one.

TNB WILL EVENTUALLY DELVE INTO BOX BREAKS AND PRODUCT REVIEWS! So far, the one box break I did for 2008 Topps Series 2 Jumbo didn’t go so well. Funds have been the main issue keeping this from happening. I haven’t had much luck with selling through NAXCOM so my “more cards” account is pretty low. Plus, I still owe the family account $80 for the stupid Jumbo Topps Box. Shot in the dark, but if anyone wants to contribute to the fund or if you have a spare hobby box lying around that you want “your’s truly” to open, please, please, please let me know…

That being said, I have set up an eBay account to unload some cards in order to get more. I hope to have that up and running very soon.

I plan to start a new category devoted to Obituaries. I want to honor those who have devoted their lives to the sports we all hold so dearly.

And finally, I plan to spend a few posts bringing you information regarding various services, sites and programs that I have found interesting and/or useful in maintaining my collection. These will be random and very sporadic and hopefully someone will get some use out of them.

That’s not all, I assure you. That’s just all I’ve come up with so far. If you have any ideas or suggestions for things you would like to see on TNB please feel free to contact me at papajvscards AT gmail DOT com .

Once again, thank you to each and everyone that has supported Treasure Never Buried! I couldn’t do this without you guys and gals reading! Stay tuned for more…

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Mario A. said...

June 20, 2008 at 6:38 am e

Congrats on the first month. I can’t believe it’s been 26 posts already. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep reading it!